Split-Couch Or Full-Couch – Which Is The Better Casket?

Many people have little knowledge and many have absolutely no knowledge about coffins. Most of us also have no knowledge about the various styles, materials and alternatives accessible nowadays. This is justifiable because unless you’ve organised a memorial service for a friend or family member or pre-arranged for yourself, the topic of death is mostly not discussed.


Let’s throw some light on the major differences between a split-couch and full-couch coffin/casket.


Split-Couch Coffin/Casket


This is the most commonly used coffin, the one which you may have probably seen multiple times in funerals. The cover of a split-couch coffin comprises of two separate pivoted pieces. In a wake or open-coffin funeral, just the head-segment of the casket is left opened for viewing that shows just the upper body of the deceased person. Both lids of the coffin can open, but generally they’re opened only to place the body in the casket by funeral service providers.


Split-couch coffins are often also called as a half-couch or cut-lid coffin. Although used quite rarely, a 3/4 split-couch coffin is also available, inside it the closed section covers the body from knees down only.


Full-Couch Coffin/Casket


This coffin type is by and large less popular, but it can be seen in numerous funerals in the UK. The cover of a full-couch coffin is made up of one piece, normally pivoted. The casket is additionally full-couch because the whole body of the deceased is revealed whenever the lid is open or closed. The body of the deceased person becomes visible, when the cover of a full-couch coffin is opened.


What’s The Difference between the Two Types of Coffin/Casket?


The main reasons that could have clarified why split-couch and full-couch coffins do not exist anymore. The two types of caskets have been used for so many years that it’s difficult to establish a single reason behind their design. Some experts have stated that split-couch designs developed in the twentieth century to encourage the open coffin viewing during a visitation, reflecting the development of funeral homes and parlours.


Some people think that the full-couch coffins are utilised when the funeral doesn’t involve viewing of the deceased’s body, which means closed coffin ceremony.


In reality, neither a split nor full-couch coffin prevents the viewing of the deceased’s body in the funeral ceremony. The choice to see the deceased or not rests totally with the close family or companion, and both types can offer this sort of service. A few full-couch coffins come with an all-glass top that can cover the head of the deceased.


At last, the decision to utilise a split or full-couch coffin depends upon you, or you companion or family. If you have taken a funeral package or funeral cover, then you need to ask the service provider what types of coffins/caskets they deliver.

5 Funeral Etiquettes You Should Follow

There are many things which may or may not happen in one’s life, but death is something inevitable. There also no doubt that the demise of a person is an unpleasant truth of life, and funeral frequently makes us feel awkward to a great extent.

While attending a funeral many people often make blunders. Remember, even funeral ceremony has etiquettes. These blunders or mishaps might increase the pain and sorrow of the deceased’s friends & family. Let’s take a look at top 5 most common blunders you should avoid at funerals.


  1. Smartphones/Mobile Devices

Let’s be honest – the ascent of cell phones, Smartphones and progress in mobile technology is both a gift and a curse. When going to a memorial service, leave your mobile devices at home or in your car. If you can’t do that as it’s difficult for you to stay away from your phone, then set it to either ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’, put it in your pocket or bag, and maintain a distance from the temptation of checking it right in front of the deceased’s friends & family, and other grievers.

If some important call comes or it’s important for you to use your phone, then you can either go to the restroom, or find a place which is away from the gathering, or a place where the mourners can’t see you easily.

  1. Condolences

Quite often, and particularly if you come right at the moment when the ceremony begins, you and different attendees should remain in a line to offer condolences to the close friends & family of the deceased, who for the most part stand before/close to the deceased person’s coffin.

  1. Reveal Your Identity

Practically as imperative as specifically communicating your condolences to the companion or family of the deceased, you ought to likewise ensure you sign the attendees register book. This can be found right outside/near the entrance depending upon the location where the coffin is kept. Even if the coffin or deceased’s body is not at the place where the ceremony is going on, usually the family or friends keep a attendees register book for people to reveal their relation (personal or professional) with the deceased.

Okay so you know about etiquettes you need to follow and blunders to avoid at a funeral. But, do you have info that how expensive funerals are going to be in the future. Don’t worry, get a funeral package today and prepare for the future.

  1. The Final Remains Of The Deceased

For different reasons and courtesy, when going to a memorial service, you must never make a comment on the look or appearance of the embalmed deceased’s body unless you’re asked to do so. Talking about how the deceased looks is not a good idea since you essentially don’t recognise what a close relative or companion is thinking. Of course, if a griever asks you, “Doesn’t he/she look beautiful?” then you need to agree immediately.


  1. Proper Dressing

It’s quite obvious that traditions have changed drastically in the last 40 to 50 years. However, this doesn’t imply that you can wear anything while attending a funeral. You can’t come scantily clad in a funeral. Also, try to wear something formal and avoid coming in casuals.

Top 8 FAQs About Cremation

Despite the fact that an increasing number of people are getting inclined toward cremation as the type of the body disposition method compared to burial, multiple questions still loom about the details of cremation.


Let’s take a look at some common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about cremation.


  • FAQ #1 – How Do The Remains Will Look Like After Cremation?


The remains really look more like coarse sand, just like you may discover on a beach. It may appear pale-white or light grey in colour.


  • FAQ #2 – What Will Be The Weight Of The Ashes?


By and large, the cremation process of a normal size person result in creating remains around 2.27 – 3.63 kilograms in weight. The cremated remains of adult women usually weigh less than compared to adult men. However, the actual weight of the remains after cremation depends on the height & weight of the person.


  • FAQ #3 – What Will Be The Temperature Inside A Cremation Chamber?


The usual temperature of a modern cremation chamber is around 760° – 980 °C while cremating process is going on. That is sufficiently hot to melt metals like silver, brass, lead, bronze or aluminium.


  • FAQ #4 – How Much Time The Cremation Will Take?


A few factors influence the time it takes to cremate a body, for example, the individual’s stature and weight, the size and effectiveness of the cremation chamber, and the heating power of the chamber. Considering these factors, the actual process can last between 1 to 3 hours.


  • FAQ #5 – I Can’t Have A Funeral, If I Choose Cremation?


It is not true that if you choose a cremation, then you can’t have personalised funeral service. The method of disposition of the body doesn’t affects your decision of having a funeral service or not. You can a funeral service for your loved one whether he/she was buried or cremated.


  • FAQ #6 – Is A Casket on rent available if I choose Cremation?


Although it might sound a bit weird, numerous funeral services provide coffins for rent. These specially made coffins use a different, removable interior for families that want to have a funeral service before cremating the deceased person.


  • FAQ #7 – Do I Get To Choose Or Provide My Own Urn?


Yes, you can provide your own urn. However, while choosing an urn, you need to keep in mind that cremated remains by and large require a volume of approximately 200 cubic inches, so ensure you discuss this issue with your funeral director before choosing an urn. However, if the deceased person has taken a funeral package, then the urn might be provided by the funeral company.


  • FAQ #8 – Is It Allowed To Bury The Ashes In the Cemetery?


Numerous families decide to bury an urn that contains the remains of their loved ones, instead of scattering the remains at sea or a garden. In reality, it is quite normal for a graveyard to have places where the remaining ashes of the deceased person can be buried.

Protect Your Loved Ones From The Rising Funeral Costs

Arranging your memorial service ahead of time can play a major role in easing the emotional and financial burden on your companion, friends and family. It can be hard to mull over, however it’s just about being a good planner and practical. It’s all about considering how to protect the ones you love the most.


A Prepaid Funeral Plan will give you total control – it’s your plan tailor-made for you. What’s more, the sooner you get it, the greater the savings you can ultimately make.


Save Lots Of Money


By settling the cost of your memorial service on the day you get it, you’re actually securing your friends and family against these constantly rising burial service costs.


Tension Free


At the point when the time comes, the cash from your plan is provided to your designated memorial service director with no complications. A single call at the funeral service providing company is enough to get the whole process in motion. However, you need to choose the best company that offers multiple benefits and services.


Just For You


Your Plan assists you to fulfil your own desires. So your friends and family are completely aware of how you need things to be managed at your memorial service.


Affordable And Customisable Financial Plans


Generally, funeral plans offer a wide range of instalment or payment options. You can compare funeral plans offered by different agencies and choose the one that suits your requirements. You can choose to pay the whole amount in a single instalment, or you can choose various monthly packages offered by the company. Consider your financial condition and choose the method that’s easy for you.


Help For Your Friends And Family


When you take out a funeral plan, you’re orchestrating access to care, guidance and financial support for your friends and family. Depending on the type of plan you choose, you can save your family from the financial burden of making arrangements of a wide range of things. You can choose a funeral company that will handle all the proceedings of your funeral, while your family and friends are coping with sorrow.


Prepaid funeral plan provides you the financial support to secure your friends and family, but there are different things you need to think about that can go far to guarantee your funds are properly managed and your own desires are known.


There can be many problems for your companion or family members, if you leave this world without getting a valid ‘Will’. In some cases, the family members of the deceased people had to suffer for many years after getting trapped into financial troubles that occurred due to the absence of a valid ‘Will’.


To ensure that the wishes of the deceased person don’t just go away unknown, ‘Wills’ are often read at the funerals. With a funeral cover, you really don’t have to worry much about it. A good funeral cover from a renowned company may take care of all these issues.

Discovering Different Types Of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral flowers present our care and feelings to the grieving family, companions or friends of the deceased. Let’s discuss the decorative designs of burial service flowers by exploring the different sorts of flowers and the reasons for using them in a memorial service.

There are fundamentally three types of flower arrangements that are regularly found in funerals,

  • The coffin spray
  • The standing spray
  • The interior casket piece
  • The Coffin Spray

As the name of this style suggests, a coffin spray is a decorative layout set above the coffin. In case of a cremation, the flower vendor can set up a small coffin spray to put around the urn or a photo of the deceased person. Coffin sprays are usually managed by the family, a companion or children of the deceased, who wish to show respect to their loved one. If there’s a burial, the coffin spray will be taken to the burial ground and left behind at the graveyard.

  • The Standing Spray

Then again, standing sprays are memorial service blossoms, which are in the shape of a wreath or cross that is placed on a tripod. Just like the coffin spray, this is usually sent by relatives, family of the companion, or children of the deceased. It is a conventional piece that is less popular than the coffin spray as they’re difficult to discard or dispose after a burial service.

A few flower specialists create a fireside basket, which is similar to an arrangement that looks like the coffin spray. One of the best things about these decorative layouts is that they can be taken to the home or given to a prayer hall or hospital where it can be used since they don’t resemble like ordinary burial service blossoms.

  • Interior Casket Piece

An interior casket piece is a generally minimally done decorative design that can be set in the top corner of the casket. It’s often a tribute from grandchildren or great grandchildren of the deceased. It can likewise be composed to coordinate the other burial service blossoms given by other relatives.

Flowers are used in two ways at any memorial service. First, they’re given by the visitors to the grieving family members, secondly, there are used for decorating the coffin and the surroundings where the memorial service is held. It’s obvious that the flowers given to the grieving family are brought by the visitors only, but what about the flowers that are meant to be used for decorations?

Find out whether the deceased had a funeral cover or not? If he/she was wise enough to get a funeral cover, then check the services that were meant to be provided by the funeral plan company. Many funeral cover providers also offer funeral flowers in their plans. So, you need to check whether the flowers were included in the funeral cover or not.

Some Interesting & Scary Superstitions About Death

While individuals by and large see superstitions as something funny nowadays, it is astounding that a number of us still hit on wood to keep away from bad luck, cross our fingers for luckiness, or try not to walk under the ladder.

Here are 5 superstitions related to death and dying, which are still prevalent and many of us still believe in. It depends on you whether you choose to believe in them or not.

  • Birds Are Bad Omens

Since birds can move between earth and sky without much effort, people have since quite a long ago seen our flying companions as a connection between the real and the spiritual world. However, there are countless superstitions focused on birds as the connection with death. In many cultures, a bird flying into a home, and then sitting on the back of a seat, is viewed as a sign of death for somebody in the family.

Also, a bird on a windowsill and looking inside, or tapping its beak on the window, is a doomy sign. Another sign of death is seeing an owl during the day, or hearing its voice at any time is termed as a sign of death in many cultures across the world.

  • Funerals Should Not Be Attended By Pregnant Women

Various societies have this superstition among them, and, even nowadays, you can find many literate people who follow this superstition or have doubts about it that whether it’s true or an old belief. Some clarifications go for fear that the soul of the dead will possess the unborn. In some cultures it is believed that if pregnant women attend a funeral, then the chances of miscarriage increase.

  • While Passing A Cemetery – You Should Hold Your Breath

Just like the superstition that we should cover our mouths with hands while yawning in order to stop the soul from leaving our body, holding your breath while you’re passing a cemetery probably stops the spirits from entering your body. Apart from holding breath, in some cultures, people avoid stepping on cracks on the road while walking in or near a cemetery.

  • Thunder After Funeral Means That The Soul Has Entered The Other World

In Christian mythology, it is believed that if there’s a thunderstorm after the funeral, then it’s a sign that the deceased has entered the heave. In some other cultures, if a thunderstorm follows a funeral, then it is believed that the soul of the deceased is some warm place in the other realm.

  • Flowers Grow On The Graves Of Good People

In many cultures where burial is common and widespread, people believe that flowers grow quite quickly on the graves of people who were good and kind-hearted while they were alive in this world.

Whether you believe in these superstitions or not –it’s not important at all. What’s important is that you have knowledge about funeral cover that assures financial support for your loved ones after your death. The cost of a funeral is way too high nowadays and is expected to increase remarkably. So, by getting a funeral cover now, when you’re alive, you can ensure that your family or companion doesn’t have to bear the financial stress of organising a funeral after you leave them behind.

4 Tips To Write a Touching Eulogy

Composing and conveying a eulogy or a tribute speech can prove to be an overwhelming task. Apart from the pain and anguish you’re feeling as you adapt to the departure of a friend or family member, you need to find an ideal opportunity to sort out your thoughts, write them down and give your discourse.

All this has to be done in the genuinely packed timeframe between the demise and the memorial service of your loved one. While no one but you can decide the particular theme of your remembrance speech, these tips can help you compose and convey a touching and true tribute for almost any type of memorial service.

  • Try To Keep The Eulogy Short

Remember, eulogy is not about writing a whole book, so keep in mind that ‘less is better’. In reality, the more you talk, the chances of making mistakes will increase and that will make the audience feel bored, awkward or uncomfortable. Rather, you need to write a tribute that you can convey within 5 minutes. If possible, ask the memorial service executive, pastor, or other official in advance how much time you will get during the service, however 5 minute rule is good and reliable.

  • Maintain Personal Level In The Eulogy

People present at the funeral won’t discover your tribute touching, if you only recount some dry facts, for example, the ones found in many eulogies. What’s more? Maintain a distance from just rattling off an extensive list of traits, for example, “Aunt Rachel cherished gardening, cycling, carpentry, and so on.” This approach will prove to be highly uninteresting for the audience listening to the eulogy.

  • Maintain A Positive Tone

Numerous TV programmes and movies have often displayed characters who are finding it difficult to compose/convey a eulogy about a person they didn’t like, such as, a domineering CEO or unfaithful ex-wife. However, this negative approach should be kept to virtual reality only, and shouldn’t be implemented in the real life. You need to figure out the positive and good things about the deceased and jot it down in the eulogy.

  • Keep The Written Copy Of The Eulogy

It’s important to carry a written copy of the eulogy you have written in your pocket. There’s a chance that Teleprompters are being used in the funeral service and your eulogy gets projected on it. Many times the eulogies are collected and stored for later use. So, it’s better to go prepared than writing it down hurriedly in the funeral or memorial service.

Still want assistance in writing a eulogy? Then you can contact firms that offer funeral cover as they are more related to this industry and are aware with the things that should be written in the eulogies. While learning about eulogies, you can also get more info about Funeral cover that offers amazing insurance for your family and companion after your death.